Wednesday, February 4, 2015

She gets up...

Crying from another bed and then little cold hands holding my face.
"Get up, Momma! Morning time!!!!"
Roll out of bed before she starts dismantling the room.
Quickly, Quickly head out and start your day.
Diaper change and running around chasing a naked butt.
Laughter...and laughter...and laughter.
Wrestle the tiger into a diaper, and make breakfast.
That's not right.
Make breakfast.
Don't eat it. Not right.
Make Breakfast.
Turn on tv. Take a breath. Have some water.
It's not right...
Make lunch.
Try to put clothes onto said tiger. No, no, nooooooo
Wrong selection. Try again.
Wrong selection. Try again.
Cry with Frustration - lose a turn.
Morning walk so let's hold hands. Let's hold hands.hold my hand.
Giggle at the shadow. Make the shadow dance, but hold my hand.
Don't touch that.
Don't eat that.
Don't smell that.
We don't lift our dress.
Don't put your finger in your eye.
"hi car. hi car. HI CAR!!!!"
Time to head home.
Don't cry, cry, cry.
We'll come back tomorrow.
"Bye car. bye...BYE"
Time for a nap.
Time for a nap.
Come on, it's time for a nap.
Just lay here. In the quiet dark.
Just lay here.
"Momma, I lahve you."
Don't cry.
"I love you, too"
And sleep... we'll do it again when we wake up.

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  1. How sweet! This blog address used to be a crafting blog and was still in my reader which is how I came across your lovely piece about the Day in a Life.
    I can completely relate to this having two boys. One of whom has been a toddler for about five years now!